Friday, February 25, 2011

Hotsos Symposium 2011 Speaker Spotlight - Gary Propeck

We have yet another new speaker for you to enjoy at Hotsos Symposium 2011. Gary Propeck is one of our instructors, and he gets rave reviews! You'll definitely want to listen to his presentation. Register today!

Presentation Title: The CBO's Look at Clusters, IOTs, Partitions, and other Objects

Presentation Abstract: When we looked at the rules from the Oracle RBO, one could find individual rules for using various types of indexes and clusters. As Oracle began to phase out the RBO, noticeably absent were improvements or changes to the RBO to accommodate objects such as IOTs and partitions. To use such objects one is required to use the CBO. This presentation details the use of the 10053 CBO trace to compare the use of heap tables versus clusters, IOTs, and partitions. Items of interest will include gathering statistics at various granularities of partitions and examining their use via the 10053 CBO trace.

Biography: Gary has a Ph.D. In Physical Organic Chemistry, University of South Florida, 1984. In 1990, while working at a nuclear weapons facility, he began working with the Oracle Database in a chemistry laboratory environment. In 1995, Gary went to work for Oracle Education (now Oracle University) as an instructor. Gary taught the OU curricula for Database Administration, Tools (Forms, Reports, etc.), Oracle Application Server, and Languages (SQL, PL/SQL, and Java). During that time Gary made numerous presentations at events such as Open World and RMOUG Training Days.

In 2002, Gary went to work for Corporate Express as a DBA, gaining more experience working with the Oracle Database. In July, 2004, Gary decided to go back to teaching as an independent contractor, teaching much of the same curricula as before, while adding new courses such as OEM and Apex to his repertoire. 2009 brought Gary to Hotsos, as he began teaching as a contractor. In August, 2010, Gary started teaching as a Hotsos employee where he teaches the Performance Optimization curriculum.

To find out who else will be speaking at Hotsos Symposium 2011, please visit our speakers page. We hope to see you at Sym!

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