Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hotsos Symposium 2011 Speaker Spotlight - Cary Millsap

Presentation Title: Thinking Clearly about Performance

Abstract:Creating high-performance as an attribute of complex software is an extremely difficult business for developers, technology administrators, architects, system analysts, and project managers. However, by understanding some fundamental principles, performance problem solving and prevention can be made far simpler and more reliable. This paper describes those principles, linking them together in a coherent journey covering the goals, the terms, the tools, and the decisions that you need to maximize your application's chance of having a long, productive, high-performance life. Examples in this paper touch upon Oracle experiences, but the scope of the paper is not restricted to Oracle products.

Biography: Cary Millsap is the founder and president of Method R Corporation. He is widely known in the Oracle community as a speaker, educator, consultant and writer. He is the author (with Jeff Holt) of Optimizing Oracle Performance (O'Reilly 2003). Cary is also co-author of Oracle Insights: Tales of the Oak Table.

Cary is one of the former founding partners of Hotsos and worked at Oracle for ten years. In the early 1990s, Cary created Oracle's OFA Standard, which became the default configuration standard for Oracle software installations worldwide. Cary is also a woodworker who builds and repairs furniture in his own shop. Follow Cary's blog at Cary is also an Oracle Ace Director.

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