Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hotsos Symposium 2012 Speaker Spotlight - Andrey Nikolaev

Hotsos Symposium 2012 will be held March 4-8, 2012 in Irving, TX. There will be 31 speakers and 36 sessions dedicated to Oracle performance. Where else can you get this kind of in-depth discussion dedicated to Oracle performance? Plus, Jonathan Lewis is hosting the optional Training Day. Register today! You don't want to miss the 10th anniversary of Hotsos Symposium.

Biography: Andrey Nikolaev was first met with Oracle 5 in 1988. Since that time his professional interests have evolved from high performance particle physics computing, through application development, to database performance consulting, but always stay centered on performance. Working in RDTEX, Russian First Line Support company, he devotes his time to tuning and diagnosing the largest Oracle databases in Russia. As an Oracle University trainer, Andrey taught the full spectrum of Oracle database administration courses.

Topic: Mutex Internals

Abstract: KGX mutexes is new type of spinlocks used in the latest Oracle versions. Despite being known since 2005, mutex is still Terra incognita. The mutex contention is frequently observed in high concurrency OLTP environments.

Using oradebug and DTrace, this presentation explores how mutex operates, spins, and sleeps. It will show how Oracle instruments the mutex operations; discuss parameters and statistics related to mutex performance diagnostics and tuning.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hotsos Symposium 2012 Speaker Spotlight - Alex Gorbachev

The Hotsos Symposium 2012 Speaker Spotlight is focused on Alex Gorbachev.

Biography: Few DBAs are as well equipped as Alex to handle any kind of database scenario. Alex has architected and designed numerous successful database solutions addressing challenging business requirements. Alex is a respected figure in the Oracle world and a sought-after leader and speaker at Oracle conferences around the globe. He regularly publishes articles on the Pythian blog and runs online webinars. Alex is a member of OakTable Network and an Oracle ACE Director.

Today, Alex is working at The Pythian Group. He started at Pythian in Ottawa, leading a team of database experts before moving to Australia to embrace the challenges of setting up company business in the East Asia/Pacific region. Now he's back in Ottawa as Pythian's Chief Technology Officer, continuing to bridge the gap between business and technology. The search for the perfect fit between technology, engineering talents and business processes is what keeps him up at night.

Before joining Pythian, Alex developed and administered Oracle databases and applications for Lukoil, the Russian petrochemicals giant. Later, he led design and implementation of high-availability mission-critical databases for Amadeus in Germany, the leading Global Distribution System and biggest processor of travel bookings in the world.

Alex is an Oracle Ace Director.

Topic: Benchmarking Oracle Performance with ORION

Abstract: Every time Alex demonstrates charts he produces during IO benchmarks with ORION tool (Oracle I/O Numbers), he hears "Wow! How do you create these?"

In this presentation, Alex will provide practical tips and tricks on how to benchmark your storage subsystem and capacity, how to stress test it, and determine the limits. You will learn how easy it is to setup ORION benchmark and collect I/O performance characteristics of your platform and assess scalability of small random IOs, impact of writes on I/Operformance, impact of different RAID levels, how backups can affect your OTLP traffic, performance of outer areas of disks vs inner areas, compare SSD with HDD performance, and etc. Because ORION test scenarios are very repeatable, it's a great measuring tool in your Measure, Analyze, Change, Measure cycle. you really want to miss this presentation, or any of the others listed on our website? Register today! Hotsos Symposium there.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hotsos Symposium 2012 Speakers Selected

Hotsos is pleased to announce that the speakers and topics have been chosen for Hotsos Symposium 2012.

This is our tenth anniversary, and we are very happy that many of our favorite speakers are returning for 2012. We also look forward to meeting our new presenters, too. Symposium topics are all about Oracle performance and range from Exadata to APEX to virtualization to Mutex internals and everything in-between.

Please visit our Speaker page for a complete list of presenters and topics. For more detailed information about each presenter or topic, merely click the name of the speaker or the title of the topic.

Early bird registration is available until December 31st so sign up today!

For more information, please send an email to or call 817.488.6200x520.

We hope to see you at Sym!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Please Be Patient - Hotsos Symposium Speakers To Be Announced Soon!

We're sure you were all looking forward to our Hotsos Symposium 2012 speaker announcement today, but we had the largest crop of abstracts EVER! We are still tinkering with the final selection to make sure we offer you the best topics and presenters. In the meantime, we've decided on a theme for the Symposium party, and it's "Steampunk". Visit Events to find out more!