Friday, June 25, 2010

Karen Morton - Hotsos Symposium Training Day 2011

Yep, we got her! The Grand Poobah of SQL, Karen Morton, has agreed to host Hotsos Symposium Training Day 2011.

Training Day will take place on March 10, 2011, and Karen's topic is entitled:

"Managing SQL Performance - Practical Information and Tools for Writing and Maintaining Optimally Performing SQL".

Karen is a consultant and educator who specializes in application optimization, and the aim of her presentation is to make managing SQL performance an engrained and automatic part of your application lifecycle. She will give you tools and techniques to help you write better SQL faster while also helping you to quickly diagnose poorly performing SQL. Karen is an entertaining and engaging speaker. To find out more about what Karen will teach you, please visit the Training Day page to read her abstract.

This is one Training Day you will not want to miss! Register now!

For more information about Hotsos Symposium or Training Day, please call +1.817.488.6200 x520 or send an email to

Karen, we can't wait to see you (with or without the hat):