Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hotsos Training Day 2013

Maria Colgan will host the optional Training Day 2013 on March 7, 2013. She is a Senior Principal Product Manager at Oracle Corporation, and her core responsibilities are Data Warehouse Best Practices and the Oracle Optimizer.

Maria's topic is entitled Oracle Optimizer One Day Workshop. Since the optimizer's introduction in Oracle 7, we have been fascinated and intimidated by the Cost-Based Optimizer (CBO) and the statistics it relies on. It has long been felt that the internals of the Optimizer are shrouded in mystery and a degree in wizardy is required to make it do the right thing. This one-day workshop will explain the fundamentals of the CBO and the statistics that feed it, as well as provide a methodology for diagnosing and resolving SQL execution performance problems.

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Hotsos Symposium 2013 Presenters Announced

The presenters for Hotsos Symposium 2013 have been selected, and the complete listing may be found at www.hotsos.com. We have many returning speakers including Tom Kyte, Cary Millsap, Alex Gorbachev, Andy Zitelli, Carlos Sierra, Gerwin Hendriksen, Gwen Shapira, Iordan Iotzov, Karen Morton, Kerry Osborne, Kyle Hailey, Kyle Towle, Marco Gralike, Margaret Norman, Maria Colgan, Mark Farnham, Neil Gunther, Paul Matuszyk, Shan Nawaz, Stephan Haisley, Steven Feuerstein, Tim Gorman and Toon Koppelaars.

New presenters include: Abel Macias, Bruce Ernst, Felix Castillo, Frits Hoogland, George Srdanov, Jacco Landlust, John Clarke, John Hurley, Kellyn Pot'Vin, Sarah Brydon (with Kyle Towle), Mauro Pagano, and Noelle Stimely.

You won't want to miss Hotsos Symposium 2013, or the optional Training Day with Maria Colgan.

Hotsos now has two ways to register: onsite and virtual. Go to registration today to find out more and sign up!