Monday, July 18, 2011

Profiler Released

Hotsos is pleased to announce a new release of Profiler this week. Profiler can be obtained from:

This version features:

  • Menu item was renamed from Output to Profile Report for clarity.

  • The preference "Nanoseconds per 'Microsecond'" has been reworked for clarity. The option has been renamed to "Oracle time unit (s)", with a selection of values .01, .000001, and .000001024.

  • Rename entries in Output column from HTML to Profile Report for clarity.

  • The Skew Analyzer (p5skew) is now accessible from the GUI in addition to the existing command line access.

  • Increased resolution on icons for Windows 7.

  • Improved documentation for --ns_per_ms=string command line option.

  • A new option has been added to the context menu (right click) of the lower panel: Open Containing Folder. When activated, this will open your operating system's file manager to the location of the trace file and the Profiler output files.

This release also contains several bug fixes, which can be found on the change log on the portal.

For more information about Profiler or a free demo, please contact or call +1.817.488.6200.