Friday, March 4, 2011

Hotsos Symposium 2011 Speaker Spotlight - Gerwin Hendriksen

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Presentation Title: GAPP Improvements: a Method to Diagnose and Predict Performance in Complex Architectures

Presentation Abstract: This session demonstrates how to use "General Approach Performance Profiling" (GAPP) to profile end-user response times and predict performance in multi-tier architectures, regardless of complexity. This session focuses on recent improvements to the GAPP method that was introduced in 2008.

Business processes are influenced by many components like Web Servers, Portal Servers, Oracle Internet Directory Servers, Database Servers, Application Servers, etc. The power of GAPP is its ability to help you manage environments of arbitrary complexity, regardless of which technologies you've implemented.

The presentation will show results from actual customer experiences in SOA-based systems with more than three nodes. A live demo will show how easy it is to use GAPP to predict performance behaviors on a system using a load generator to create different scenarios.

Bio: Gerwin Hendriksen has been working with Oracle technologies for more than thirteen years. He started work as a DBA at a consulting company in the Netherlands. After this, he worked for five years for Oracle in the role of Advanced Resolution Engineer. In this role, he specialized in performance and high availability for the Oracle database and Oracle E-Business Suite. In his time at Oracle, he gave several training classes in different countries. Later Mr. Hendriksen joined IBM, and worked there for two years. At IBM, he worked as a Technical Consultant for several projects in different countries. He also gave training classes in the IBM JSC in Montpellier, and at several customer sites.

Currently, he is employed by IT-eye in the Netherlands, where he is working as a Technical Architect. He has given several presentations about Oracle database performance and Oracle E-Business Suite performance. He has also given presentations for the Oracle User Group Holland, at the HOTSOS Symposium 2008, at the DBA Symposium in Holland (Planboard), at Oracle Open World 2008, and at the HOTSOS Symposium 2009. During these last mentioned presentations, he presented on his newly developed performance method "GAPP". Gerwin is very busy with performance management, capacity planning, and E-Business Suite Performance.

We hope to see you there!

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