Friday, November 6, 2009

Hotsos Symposium 2010 Speakers Announced

We are pleased to announce that the speakers for Hotsos Symposium 2010 have been chosen. Visit to find out more!

Registration is open. Sign up now to take advantage of early registration pricing.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Profiler 5.2.1 Released for Windows XP/Vista, Mac OS X and Linux!

Hotsos is pleased to announce that Profiler is ready for download. Profiler now supports Windows XP/Vista, Mac and Linux platforms. This version also has a new user interface, which greatly improves workflow and overall end-user experience. It's easier to install and is now compliant with US Federal Rehabilitation Act Section 508 Technical Standards.

The technical enhancements include interpreting trace lines with r=-1 values, improved performance of formatting for very long SQL texts from O(n!) to O(n), corrected rounding of syscall elapsed durations, processing of all syscalls for SQL statements whose text is "commit" or "rollback" and improved rendering of SQL text containing tab characters.

Contact today to find out more.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hotsos Presents Tanel Poder Advanced Troubleshooting Seminar

This week Hotsos hosted Tanel Poder preseneting his Advanced Troubleshooting Seminar. If you hadn't heard Tanel had a serious jet skiing accident a few weeks ago in Thailand. He had a serious break between the heal and ankle of his right leg. But it sure didn't slow him down.

We have 27 students this week and everyone is very impressed with Tanel's knowledge of Oracle internals and operating system troublehsooting techniques. All feedback has been very positive. I'm glad to be attending this seminar and excited that Tanel will be presenting the training day at Hotsos SYM 2010.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hotsos Partners with Tanel Põder to Present "Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting" Seminars

Hotsos is pleased to announce that we are partnering with Tanel Põder to bring you two sessions in two cities of "Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting". The first seminar will be held in Dallas, TX on September 9, 2009, and the second will be in Washington, DC on September 14, 2009.

To register for either event, please go to On this page, you may read more about the seminars then scroll down to the bottom of the page to pick a location and register.

For more detailed information about what will be covered in these intensive 3-day programs, you may also visit

And...if you still can't get enough of Tanel, sign up for Hotsos Symposium 2010. Tanel will be presenting sessions and hosting the Training Day.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Hotsos Symposium 2010 Call for Papers Is Open

Did you attend Hotsos Symposium 2009? No? Want to see what you missed? Watch this video.

The Sym is a great way to network with your peers, discuss Oracle performance issues and meet others who share the same interests. In addition, being selected as a presenter is a great way to get into the Symposium and Training Day for free! However, the only way to be chosen as a speaker is to fill out and submit the form.

We've opened the call for papers for Hotsos Symposium 2010 this week. You can download the form from It's in Microsoft Word format so it will be easy for you to fill out. All you need is an idea. Send your completed form and/or questions to

Just be sure to return it by September 30, 2009 for consideration.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Optimizing Oracle SQL Is Intensive in Hotsos HQ

We thought it might be fun to host one of our classes in the office for a change. Our first opportunity was the Optimizing Oracle SQL, Intensive class, which started on May 11th, 2009.

You might be able to tell how "intense" this class is by the expressions on the students faces below:

Monty said that the students didn't want to leave after his first day of teaching. He wasn't sure if they needed some extra time to absorb all of the material, or if they were scared to run the gauntlet through the Hotsos staff.

After all, they'd have to walk by Sales and Accounting to get out. Does this adorable face look like she'd bite?

Or these?

Heck, no! least not hard, any way. We're a friendly crew.

BTW, Monty is in fine form today so the students better beware!

We'll see what happens at the end of Day 2! Will the students stay after class or bolt?

Whatever they do, we love having the students inhouse. It's fun having new faces and stories around the water cooler.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Back from Down Under

Australia is a great country. I was mostly in Sydney this go around so I didn't see much of the country really. But what I did see and the folks I did meet were all good. Cary the restaurant you recommended is gone, so couldn't try it. We were able to find many other splendid places to eat. An Italian place close to Curricular Quay was very good.

Went to Manly (of course!) and hand lunch at the Manly Grill (arr-arr-arr!) right on the beach. Unfortunately it was cold and rainy, it is fall there right now after all. Only a few brave souls were out surfing, and I was not one of them.

The presentation at the Sydney Meetup went very well. Tanel and I had a great time. Alex runs a great group, here is Alex and I just before I started. (Note to self, remember NO beer with Alex until AFTER the presentation next time.)

I hope to make it back soon.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ric Down Under

I'll be in beautiful Sydney Australia (is there another Sydney in the world?) next Friday (17 April) at the Sydney Meetup doing a presentation on using Oracle Trace data to tune SQL.

Tanel Põder will be there as well doing his "No Slides" gig. I saw this at the Hotsos Symposium this year, and it's a presentation not to be missed. I'm glad that I'll be able to see it twice; hopefully, I can fill in the gaps in my notes from the first go.

Stop by and have some great Oracle training and some beer and Pizza with other Oracle geeks!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ta, Da! Hotsos Symposium 2010

We have been busy getting the website updated for Hotsos Symposium 2010 and have some great announcements for you:

  • Mark your calendars! Hotsos Symposium 2010 will be held March 7 — 11, 2010 at the Omni Mandalay Hotel in Irving, TX.

  • Tom Kyte will be the keynote speaker!

  • Tanel Põder is doing the Training Day!

  • We're holding registration prices the same! We've even added a really early bird registration option. If you register before September 30, 2009, you'll pay only $995 for the Symposium. The optional Training Day is an extra $500, but it's worth it to get a whole day with Tanel. To register, click here.

  • Want a free registration? Submit a presentation idea, and if you're chosen as a speaker, you get in free for Symposium and Training Day. However, this doesn't include travel and hotel. The call for presentations opens May 5, 2009.

  • Registration is capped at 500 attendees to ensure that you have plenty of networking opportunities with the speakers and other attendees.

See our website for more information. We hope to see you there.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hotsos Symposium Training Day 2009 with Jonathan Lewis

We had a higher percentage of attendees stay for Jonathan Lewis' Training Day this year. Jonathan's topic was "Understanding Troubleshooting".

As always, Jonathan got rave reviews, and we're really pleased to have hosted him again this year.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hotsos Symposium 2009 - Final Day

For 8:30 on the Wednesday morning after the big party night, Chen Shapira drew a nice crowd (see below) who wanted to learn about the "Seven Sins of Concurrency":

"Oracle Performance for Developers (and the DBAs Who Have to Work with Them)" was presented by Kerry Osborne:

Tanel Põder's "Zero Slides: The Scripts and Tools which Will Make Your Life Easier and Allow You to Troubleshoot Better" was definitely a big "thumbs-up".

Dan Norris tells us how to "Avoid Common RAC Issues":

The lovely Robyn Sands presented an informative "Variance as a Tool: Measuring for Robust Performance".

Captain Morgan? Uh, I mean Ric Van Dyke tells us about "Intelligent Cursor Sharing".

Jonathan Lewis begins the first part of his presentation, "Hints on Hints".

Kyle Towle teaches us how to "Predict Oracle Performance" in his presentation:

Jonathan Lewis finishes up with the second part of his "Hints on Hints".

Last, but definitely not least, Monty Orme presents "Give 'Em What They Need!":

OK, either Gary really secretly liked the earring from his pirate costume, or someone bet him a lot of money that he wouldn't wear the earring during the Closing Ceremony. What do you think?

Enrapt crowd waiting for the Silent Auction Winner announcements:

Bah-bye! We hope to see you all next year!

Thanks to everyone (presenters, attendees, Omni Mandalay hotel staff and Hotsos teammates) who made this Sym one of the best yet!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hotsos Symposium 2009 Day 2

Bright and early on a Tuesday morning, attendees gathered for the first presentation of the day:

Cary Millsap delivers an entertaining presentation on "Lessons Learned v2009.03":

In this photo, Dan Tow convinces attendees to just say "no" to the safe use of views:

Margaret Norman teaches attendees how to control their environments with the Resource Manager:

Tanel Põder tells us how Oracle SQL Plan Execution really works in this session.

Amit Poddar's presentation was entitled "One-Pass Distinct Sampling".

Toon Koppelaars presents "The Helsinki Declaration, Part I" before lunch:

Mark Bobak and Jan van Mourik have their picture taken with Flat Larry during break:

He's ba-a-a-ack! Toon Koppelaars gives Part II of "The Helsinki Declaration" after lunch:

Below, Dave Abercrombie gives us a captivating tour of the AWR tables:

I'm sure that Bryn Llewellyn gave a very interesting talk on "Using the PL/SQL Hierarchical Performance Profiler". Such a character, he is...

Mark Williams taught us that "Instrumented Code is Better Code":

Oh! And Kerry Osborne and Stephan Haisley pulled the old switch-a-roo on the attendees just to keep them guessing. Stephan spoke about "Streams Optimization and Diagnostics".

Christian Antognini presented "Bloom Filters":

Hotsos' own, Monty Orme, facilitated the speaker panel after the last session:

And finally...the speaker panel:

What a great day it was! Stay tuned for Day 3...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hotsos Symposium 2009 Day 1

Welcome back to Hotsos Symposium! Gary Goodman opens the proceedings:

Andy Zitelli gives a warm welcome to our keynote speaker, Chris Date:

Chris Date delivers the keynote and a bonus two technical sessions:

Wolfgang Breitling was gracious to fill-in for Joze Senegacnik. Wolfgang's presentation was entitled, Tuning by Cardinality Feedback. Thank you, Wolfgang!

Oh, no! It's Cary Millsap. Cary's presentation is called "Making Friends with the Oracle Database".

Andy Zitelli gives a great presentation entitled "Using Oracle's Extended SQL Trace Data to Quell Disputes".

Joe Johnson gave an awesome presentation (of course, we'd think so, any way!) called "Using Hotsos Tuning Techniques to Find & Fix Performance Issues: 6 Real World Examples"...and no, Joe doesn't work for Hotsos. Yet...

Karen Morton worked her magic with her presentation entitled "Managing Statistics for Optimal Performance". Karen is shown here with Flat Larry. Karen's niece sent us a Flat Stanley, and we took pictures of him in all kinds of places. When Larry Klein couldn't make it to the Sym due to a go-live, we decided to make a Flat Larry.

Gerwin Hendriksen presented "Practical Use of Method GAPP to Find Performance Bottlenecks for Business Processes in Complex Architectures".

Henry Poras gave Part 2 of his presentation from last year, entitled "Queueing Theory Analysis of Statspack Reports Obtained from Database Load Tests".

Tanel Põder presented his extra session entitled "Latch, Lock and Mutex Contention Troubleshooting in Oracle".

Monday was a very good day!