Monday, February 21, 2011

Hotsos Symposium 2011 Speaker Spotlight - Doug Gault

Presentation Title: Mining Oracle Application Express 4.0 Debug Data for Hidden Performance Trends

Abstract: One of the new features of Oracle Application Express 4.0 is the much improved debug information now stored in the dictionary views. Like before, it can help you diagnose problems during page rendering and processing. But did you know that it can also be used to track, monitor, and identify performance trends across your APEX application? Well, it can.

This session will introduce the idea of monitoring performance trending, the techniques and information necessary for you to mine the Oracle Application Express 4.0 debug data, and the pros and cons of using these methods in a production environment.

Bio: Doug Gault is a Director & Co-Founder at Sumneva, a world-class Oracle Application Express (APEX) consulting, training & solutions firm founded in 2010. He has been working with Oracle since 1988, starting with version 5.1B, SQL*Forms 2.0 and RPT/RPF. Since then he has focused his career on Oracle's development technologies, spending the last decade on web based technologies, and the last 5 years specifically on APEX.

Prior to co-founding Sumneva, Gault was Vice President of Sumner Technologies, which also focused on Oracle APEX consulting, training & solutions. Before that he served as the Product Development Director for Hotsos Enterprises, during which time he was the lead architect/developer and product manager for two commercial products written in exclusively in APEX. His 21 years of Oracle experience has taken him all over the world and involved him in some truly ground-breaking projects.

Gault has presented and participated in round table discussions at a number of conferences including Oracle OpenWorld, UKOUG and ODTUG's APEXposed. He holds an Associates Degree in Computer Science, and an honorary Master's Degree from The School of Hard Knocks, believing there is no replacement for hard earned experience.

Doug is one of our new speakers, and we guarantee you'll find him both informative and entertaining.

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