Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hotsos Sym 2011 Training Day with Karen Morton

As if our brains weren't full enough, we're listening to Karen Morton today at Hotsos Symposium Training Day 2011. Her topic is "Managing SQL Performance - Practical Information and dTools for Writing and Maintaining Optimally Performing SQL". OK...that's a mouthful (or an eyeful), but Karen is breaking it down for us beautifully.

Thanks to everyone who came to Sym and Training Day this year! We hope you had fun and learned a lot. We send a special "thank you" to Karen Morton for everything she's done to continue the successful tradition of Training Day. You rock, Karen!

Be sure to start thinking about coming back for Hotsos Sym 2012! It'll be our tenth, and Gary promises to make it a blow-out.

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Anonymous said...

This is certainly a great symposium and I am fortunate that i could attend this year. We are certainly looking forward for 2012 symposium. I asked Gary if he could make it 5 day event as I met people from Netherlands, Ukraine and Canada coming for this symposium and It would be very beneficial if we have 5 days and have more speakers or even increase the time for any sessions to 2 to 3 hours.

Thanks for the great symposium.