Friday, March 27, 2009

Hotsos Symposium 2009 - Final Day

For 8:30 on the Wednesday morning after the big party night, Chen Shapira drew a nice crowd (see below) who wanted to learn about the "Seven Sins of Concurrency":

"Oracle Performance for Developers (and the DBAs Who Have to Work with Them)" was presented by Kerry Osborne:

Tanel Põder's "Zero Slides: The Scripts and Tools which Will Make Your Life Easier and Allow You to Troubleshoot Better" was definitely a big "thumbs-up".

Dan Norris tells us how to "Avoid Common RAC Issues":

The lovely Robyn Sands presented an informative "Variance as a Tool: Measuring for Robust Performance".

Captain Morgan? Uh, I mean Ric Van Dyke tells us about "Intelligent Cursor Sharing".

Jonathan Lewis begins the first part of his presentation, "Hints on Hints".

Kyle Towle teaches us how to "Predict Oracle Performance" in his presentation:

Jonathan Lewis finishes up with the second part of his "Hints on Hints".

Last, but definitely not least, Monty Orme presents "Give 'Em What They Need!":

OK, either Gary really secretly liked the earring from his pirate costume, or someone bet him a lot of money that he wouldn't wear the earring during the Closing Ceremony. What do you think?

Enrapt crowd waiting for the Silent Auction Winner announcements:

Bah-bye! We hope to see you all next year!

Thanks to everyone (presenters, attendees, Omni Mandalay hotel staff and Hotsos teammates) who made this Sym one of the best yet!

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