Monday, March 9, 2009

Hotsos Symposium 2009 Day 1

Welcome back to Hotsos Symposium! Gary Goodman opens the proceedings:

Andy Zitelli gives a warm welcome to our keynote speaker, Chris Date:

Chris Date delivers the keynote and a bonus two technical sessions:

Wolfgang Breitling was gracious to fill-in for Joze Senegacnik. Wolfgang's presentation was entitled, Tuning by Cardinality Feedback. Thank you, Wolfgang!

Oh, no! It's Cary Millsap. Cary's presentation is called "Making Friends with the Oracle Database".

Andy Zitelli gives a great presentation entitled "Using Oracle's Extended SQL Trace Data to Quell Disputes".

Joe Johnson gave an awesome presentation (of course, we'd think so, any way!) called "Using Hotsos Tuning Techniques to Find & Fix Performance Issues: 6 Real World Examples"...and no, Joe doesn't work for Hotsos. Yet...

Karen Morton worked her magic with her presentation entitled "Managing Statistics for Optimal Performance". Karen is shown here with Flat Larry. Karen's niece sent us a Flat Stanley, and we took pictures of him in all kinds of places. When Larry Klein couldn't make it to the Sym due to a go-live, we decided to make a Flat Larry.

Gerwin Hendriksen presented "Practical Use of Method GAPP to Find Performance Bottlenecks for Business Processes in Complex Architectures".

Henry Poras gave Part 2 of his presentation from last year, entitled "Queueing Theory Analysis of Statspack Reports Obtained from Database Load Tests".

Tanel Põder presented his extra session entitled "Latch, Lock and Mutex Contention Troubleshooting in Oracle".

Monday was a very good day!

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