Thursday, April 30, 2009

Back from Down Under

Australia is a great country. I was mostly in Sydney this go around so I didn't see much of the country really. But what I did see and the folks I did meet were all good. Cary the restaurant you recommended is gone, so couldn't try it. We were able to find many other splendid places to eat. An Italian place close to Curricular Quay was very good.

Went to Manly (of course!) and hand lunch at the Manly Grill (arr-arr-arr!) right on the beach. Unfortunately it was cold and rainy, it is fall there right now after all. Only a few brave souls were out surfing, and I was not one of them.

The presentation at the Sydney Meetup went very well. Tanel and I had a great time. Alex runs a great group, here is Alex and I just before I started. (Note to self, remember NO beer with Alex until AFTER the presentation next time.)

I hope to make it back soon.

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