Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Everlost in Austin

I’ve use the Hertz Neverlost system many times all over the United States and it’s served me well everywhere. Except Austin Texas. What is going on in Austin? Is this like the Island in Lost and there is some huge electro magnetic disturbance here that it throwing off the navigation system? I got to my hotel only because I first printing off directions for yahoo maps at home. The Neverlost system had showed me a route to a spot where that was off by about 25 miles. The good thing was that I was next too the freeway I needed to get on to get to my hotel.

Last night I was sitting in the parking lot of the hotel and pulled up Neverlost, I went to Yellow Pages, then Hotels, then Nearest, I picked my hotel. Neverlost said my hotel was 25 miles away. Gee that’s funny I can look out the window of the car and the hotel is RIGHT THERE!

Well at least FedEx knows where my hotel was. The package sent to the hotel for me was here when I arrived as expected.

I tried using Neverlost to find a Kinko’s around here, again it was miles off. I wasn’t able to find the place until I asked a local where it was.

The map view on Neverlost does seem to work. And I hope it can find its way back to the airport at the end of the week.

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Karen Morton said...

Ah...the infamous (n)EverLost! I had a similar problem in Austin about 18 months ago and ended up having to stop at a gas station for directions. In my case, I was only off by about 5 miles, but still!

So now I always print directions just in case from google, yahoo, mapquest or somewhere and confirm NeverLost's directions before I start driving!

If you really want to have fun though, try to get lost using NeverLost. It'll keep saying "U-Turn in point x miles" until it finally just gets in this continuous recalculating route loop. Yes, I have tried this... and yes, I'm a NeverLost nerd!