Monday, May 7, 2012

Profiler v5.2.7 Released

Profiler v5.2.7 has been released, and the Profiler Plug-In for PL/SQL Developer as well as the Profiler Extension for SQL Developer have been updated.

The new version of Profiler now includes the name of the XHTML output file. It also includes improved error and warning logging within the .log file. Profiler now references the Oracle SQL id values for input files that contain such information. A new "Profiled" column in the user interface bottom panel allows you to sort profile runs by the time at which each profile report was created. The user guide has been expanded.

Existing customers may download the new version of Profiler from The Profiler Plug-In and Profiler Extension are available at, also. Just look for the appropriate link on the left side of the page.

For more information about Profiler, please contact Sales at 817.488.6200 or via email at

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