Friday, November 5, 2010

Hotsos Symposium 2011 Speakers and Topics

We are pleased to announce that the speakers for Hotsos Symposium 2011 have been selected. Topics include Oracle performance, database I/O, latch internals, AWR, ASH, Apex, CBO, Exadata, Data Warehousing, RAC, Streams, Triggers and many more. Visit Hotsos Symposium 2011 Speakers and Topics for a complete listing and to find out more about each topic.

We are so glad to have so many outstanding speakers who are returning for 2011. They include (in alphabetical order by first name): Alex Gorbachev, Andrew Zitelli, Cary Millsap, Doug Burns, Gerwin Hendriksen, Gwen Shapira, Henry Poras, Kerry Osborne, Margaret Norman, Neil Gunther, Riyaj Shamsudeen, Stephan Haisley, Tanel Põder, Tim Gorman, Tom Kyte, Toon Koppelaars, and Wolfgang Breitling.

We are also excited about these speakers who are presenting at Hotsos Symposium for the first time. They are: Andrey Nikolaev, Dan Fink, Doug Gault, Friedrich Pfeiffer, Gary Propeck, Karl Arao, Mahesh Vallampati, Maria Colgan, Mark Farnham, Miladin Modrakovic, and Shan Nawaz.

Please don't forget that Kerry Osborne is scheduled to present a technical keynote on "Back to the Future: Mainframes, Open Systems, and the New Role of Exadata", and more about his presentation can be found at Hotsos Symposium 2011 Keynote.

You also won't want to miss the optional Training Day. Karen Morton is presenting, "Managing SQL Performance - Practical Information and Tools for Writing and Maintaining Optimally Performing SQL". Visit Training Day 2011 to read more. Both presentations, Kerry's and Karen's, will be well-worth the admission price.

Hotsos Symposium 2011 will be held March 6th through 10th in Irving, Texas. Go ahead! Sign up today and get the early bird registration price. Visit our Registration page today.

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