Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Google TiSP: Going with the Flow

Google provided a nice April Fool's prank this year. I even thought the press release was real for about 5 seconds...then I looked at the installation page. The guys at Google must have the 2nd best job on the planet (2nd only to mine, of course!) if part of their job is to come up with stuff like this!


Anonymous said...

Google offering wireless broadband service isn't too surprising. I expected Google to make a move in ISP filed for a while, especially dedicated Internet access lines. Their recent acquisitions of dark fiber and Internet hosting start-ups is indication to that. This April fool joke might be just a hint of Google's more realistic plans for the near future!

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Anonymous said...

That is pretty funny. Only google would probably be able to pull a ISP like that lol. http://t1-lines.net