Friday, December 1, 2006

Rain Ice and SNOW in Dallas

I had a great teach of our Performance Diagnostics class this week in Dallas TX. All things went rather well until Thursday when I was flying home. Of all things it was SNOWING in TX while back in MI it was raining. I had a connection thru Memphis this time. I had about and hour and half lay over so should have been a piece of cake to make the flight....

The plane was late getting into Dallas, and then we had to de-ice, which apparently is not something they do often at DFW. That took quite a long time, mostly because they didn't seem to have many de-icing trucks. And just to make things interesting it was a CRJ aircraft so I had to plane side check my carry on bag. All this added up getting to MEM with about 20 minutes. And you know it, the gates were on near opposite sides of the airport!

I walked on the plane behind the gate agent who was bringing down the flight manifest, that's really much to close!


Guy said...

Hey Ric,

We sure had a great course. My 5:10pm flight got delayed until 6:30 or so but we did not take off until past 7:00pm. Got to Montreal late to a much better weather than down in Texas !

I could not help but think about my fellow canadians who were supposed to travel through Chicago (Who got pretty much closed because of snow) the following day !!!

Ric Van Dyke said...

Glad to hear you made it home OK. I hope to see you again, at the symposium eh? :-)